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Peace – The True Name for Home

In 1999, the Childhelp Foster Family Agency of East Tennessee opened its doors to fulfill its role in creating healthy, loving family relationships between children and families. In response to the unique needs of children in the foster care system, the agency developed support programs, community outreach and training to promote the unity and quality of Tennessee foster homes.

In 2009 our program received national accreditation from the Council of Accreditation (COA) and was also awarded a contract to serve foster children from the State of Tennessee program. Currently Childhelp supports the following counties: Knox, Blount, Anderson, Sevier, Loudon, Monroe, Roane, Morgan, Union, Scott, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainier, Hamblen, Jefferson, and Cocke.

Childhelp provides case management and training for families to maximize each child’s potential to heal and grow. The ultimate goal is to create a place of peace for the child and family — to create a home.

With this in mind, Childhelp creates individualized treatment plans which meet each foster child’s needs, including appropriate individual and family therapy sessions and supervised visits with the child’s biological parents.

What does it take to be a foster parent in Tennessee?

  • Ability to provide a warm, secure and nurturing home.
  • Be willing to work as a team member with a child’s social worker, therapist, teachers, physicians, and birthparents.
  • Completion of TN-KEY and licensed as an approved foster home.
  • Commitment, understanding, patience and the willingness to accept and provide guidance to children with diverse backgrounds and challenges.
  • Provide consistent, fair and age appropriate guidance for children.
  • Potential foster parents are screened through a series of interviews, background checks, and training.
  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Be a resident of the State of Tennessee.
  • Be employed or have a source of viable income.
  • Have space in your home for a child.
  • Have a working automobile and auto insurance, as well as home owners or renter’s insurance.

Childhelp conducts home studies to maintain the quality of each foster home and verify that the family/child relationship is healthy. Therapy sessions are offered to cultivate trust and healthy relationships between the families and the foster youth.

The agency also promotes successful reunification with biological parents, working with foster youth and their biological parents through positive parenting training and supervised child visitations.

What makes us different than other programs?

  • Extra clothing allotments for our children every 6 months provided by Childhelp
  • Access clothing stores for our children with 50% off
  • Foster Parent Mentoring Program for our new foster parents
  • Hands-on, community-based event to benefit our foster children (Pockets of Love program, Coats for the Kids, and others)
  • Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) evidence based therapeutic intervention training for all foster parents

“Being a foster parent with Childhelp Tennessee has been a truly rewarding experience. Our journey began February 1st, 2006. My husband and I attended all the required training and felt like we were prepared.

“Bring it on”, we said. Believe me, nothing can prepare you for the wounded children that come to your home when you get the call asking if you can open your heart. I will never forget the look of fear and uncertainty in the eyes of the two children that walked into our lives that night. They were so used to a life of unspeakable neglect that a simple hug sent waves of fear throughout them.

Little by little our lives began to have routine and the people of Childhelp became our lifeline. What a ride! The two wounded children we first met in February are now flourishing teenagers who are smothered with kisses and hugs.

The past will always be a part of them and us. Our experience has truly made us better people. I sometimes wonder if they saved us or if we saved them. Tony and I thank God daily for the miracles that he has sent our way and the friends we have made at Childhelp.

I am often asked, would I do it again? Absolutely. We had the opportunity to truly look in the eyes of God. How many people can say that?”

– From one of our foster-parents about being a Foster Care Parent in Tennessee:

What will the Childhelp Foster Family Agency Provide?

  • Free foster parent training
  • Ongoing training to help licensed foster parents succeed
  • Case management for each foster child.
  • 24-hour on-call emergency support services
  • Respite care to give you a break if you need one.
  • Financial monthly stipend to cover the cost of each child or teen fostered

Address and Driving Directions

623 Lindsay Place
Knoxville TN, 37919