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Have a great idea for a fundraiser? Consider holding a third party event! A third party fundraising event is categorized as a business, organization, community group, school or individual hosting an event or program to benefit Childhelp. It is planned and managed independently of our organization.

Get Started

1) Submit a “Fundraising Event Application” and a signed copy of “Third Party Fundraising Event Guidelines” to Childhelp headquarters for review at least six (6) weeks before your proposed event. Please include any additional materials outlining the proposed event.

2) Please attach completed copies of any necessary permits, licenses or insurance requirements for your event.

3) Your application will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours of submission and a response will be sent to you via email.

4) If approved, you will receive requested logos along with your approval email. (All Childhelp logos are a registered trademark and cannot be legally reproduced without permission.)

5) Childhelp must approve all of your event materials that have either our name or logo on it prior to printing or posting info about your event online.

6) Please advise Childhelp of any changes in your event, including cancellations.

7) After your event is completed please send final check or items you wish to donate to:
6730 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253.

Below are some great ideas to help get you started, but let your own creativity and passions be your guide!

  • Golf tournament
  • Raffles
  • Bake sales
  • Run for a cause
  • Movie in the park

Need Inspiration?

One sure fire way to hold a successful fundraiser is to utilize one of our “Event in a Box” campaigns. We’ve gathered all the materials you’ll need to initiate a fundraiser from customizable flyers and tracking sheets to inspirational emails and fun ways to engage friends and coworkers.

Events, such as yours, are important to spreading Childhelp’s message throughout our communities. We thank you for thinking of our organization and wish you the best of luck!

Choose a fundraiser below to see just how simple holding your own event can truly be!

We Can Help

Listed below are ways Childhelp can help with your fundraiser:

  • Provide consultation on fundraisers and events
  • Provide a letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • Provide our tax ID number for direct donation purposes only
  • Provide and approve use of our logo, when appropriate
  • Help you select an area for your donation to support
  • Attend check presentations if required
  • We may be able to provide some volunteers for your event however this is not guaranteed
  • Provide give-aways, when available
  • Promote your event on Childhelp website with a hyperlink to your event site
  • Promote event on Childhelp social media sites

Services We Do Not Provide:

  • Our sales tax exemption number
  • Insurance or liability coverage
  • Mailing list of donors or vendors
  • Help with ticket or sponsorship sales
  • Funding or reimbursement of your expenses
  • Celebrities or professional athletes for your event
  • Volunteer coordinator for your event
  • Guaranteed attendance of Co-Founders or Staff

General Guidelines

  • All fundraising events for Childhelp require advance written permission.
  • Promoting the event through public announcement or any other public relations is not allowed until written permission is granted and received from Childhelp.
  • Events must align with the mission and appropriate image for Childhelp.
  • Events must comply with all relevant laws, including the laws of the state that event will be held within.
  • Childhelp cannot sponsor or endorse fundraising events or products.
  • If a Special Event Liquor License is needed for your event, the process for application must be started ninety (90) days prior to the event date.
  • The sponsors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Childhelp and all its officers, directors and employees from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.
  • If circumstances warrant, Childhelp may at any time, through any of its officers, directors and/or senior administrators, direct you to cancel the event. You hereby agree to cancel the event. If so directed, you further agree to release Childhelp, and its officers, directors and employees from any and all liability and connection to any such action.
  • When approaching businesses and corporations for assistance with events, please remember that many local organizations are already involved in supporting Childhelp and may not wish to make additional donations.
  • Childhelp does not provide contact information of its corporate sponsors, donors and supporters for solicitation purposes.

Financial Guidelines

  • Unless you are registered as a 501C3 organization the donations you collect will not be tax-deductible.
  • The public should be fully informed regarding any net amounts that will actually be donated to Childhelp. Potential donors must be informed whenever less than 100 percent of the net proceeds will be donated to Childhelp. (For example: “90% of the proceeds will benefit Childhelp.”)
  • If you have a donor or sponsor who wishes for their donation to be tax-deductible you must have them send their check or donation directly to Childhelp. Checks must be made payable to Childhelp. We will process the donation and send them a tax deductible receipt. IMPORTANT – if you cash their check into your account and write us a check from your account, you will receive the tax receipt. The IRS only recognizes the last form of payment.
  • If event expenses are greater than the total collected you, or the group holding the event, are responsible for payment of these additional expenses.
  • If the budget for your fundraising event is greater than $10,000, you should establish a separate bank account. The title of the account can say “XXX event to benefit Childhelp.” You cannot open an account in Childhelp’s name. Opening an account under our name will not give your donors tax deductibility. Only event expenses may be deducted from this account and all donations are to be held in trust for Childhelp.
  • Within 45 days after the last day of the fundraising event, please send a final accounting of income and expenses to Childhelp. A check made payable to Childhelp should be sent to: 6730 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253.
  • Please note if circumstances warrant it, we reserve the right to request your event financial records and accounting at any time for our review.

Until written permission is received, the name “Childhelp” should not be used for any marketing or fundraising purpose and contributions should not be solicited.

Please keep a copy of these Guidelines for your reference.

Please return your completed Fundraising Event Application to Cailyn Welch at or you can call 480-922-8212 for additional information.