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A Sponsored Slim is a great way to promote health and wellness in the office or in your social circle while raising funds and awareness for Childhelp! Each participant garners support from their friends and family and asks that they donate a $1, $5, or more toward every pound lost. Not only will you be encouraging people to reach their health and fitness goals but every dollar you raise will go toward supporting the services Childhelp provides to the abused and at-risk children in our care.

Not sure where to start? Not a problem! We’ve created several Team Captain materials to help you on your way toward sponsoring a successful fundraiser. Take a look at our customizable flyers, stock emails to inspire participation, tracking sheets and more!

Team Captain

Thank you for supporting Childhelp and volunteering to be your company’s Sponsored Slim Team Captain! As Captain, it will be your job to find fun, creative and encouraging ways to motivate your colleagues and friends to participate. But, don’t worry – you won’t have to go it alone!

Childhelp has created several tools and has some great ideas for you to use to make your event a total hit! You can find email templates, tracking sheets, flyers and much more all at the click of a button. Click here to download additional flyers you can use to encourage participation and increase the impact of your event.

Don’t forget to fill out the Third Party Event Application and to send in the Donation Reporting form along with your final donation! This ensures that when your hard earned fundraising dollars reach us they are credited to your organization.

Please click below for each document.

Encourage Participation

Bolster your fundraising efforts by motivating your staff to participate! Here are a few simple ideas to help get the wheels on your Sponsored Slim turning.

Select a Team Captain
Choosing a Team Captain will help keep your fundraiser organized and on track to meet your fundraising goals. This individual/s would be responsible for collecting donations and implementing fun ways to keep employees engaged.

Set a Fundraising Goal
Be sure your staff members are aware of your fundraising goals and keep them in the loop on your progress along the way. Speak with your HR manager regarding resources available to spread the word. Materials like flyers can be posted in bathrooms or breakrooms to help keep your campaign top of mind in the office.

Make Goal-Setting Fun!
Group Workouts – Encourage Sponsored Slim participants to get moving by organizing a group workout! Schedule a hike on a Saturday morning, invite participants to sign up for 5ks together or get a group going for weekly lunchtime walks?

Friendly Competition – Sometimes, people need a little competition to get motivated. Start a departmental challenge! The department raising the most funds for Sponsored Slim wins a free lunch or an ice cream social (or go a healthier route since you’ve all worked so hard to shed those extra LB’s)! You may also choose to award the individual who loses the most weight or brings in the most donations for Childhelp.

Additional Suggestions
Get your executive team involved! Employees will be more motivated to participate in your fundraiser if they see your leadership team is fully onboard and just as excited as you are to raise money for Childhelp. Ask leadership to mention the Sponsored Slim at company meetings and encourage participation.

Don’t forget to Celebrate Your Success! Follow up with staff to announce your final fundraising totals and consider having a healthy brown bag lunch or some other special activity for everyone who participated in the Sponsored Slim.

Increase Your Impact

Get more bang for your buck by including perks and added incentives for participating in the Sponsored Slim!

Raffle – Add a raffle ticket to the list of benefits of participating in the Sponsored Slim. Employees who make their donation in order to participate will also receive a free raffle ticket for a raffle to be held on the last day of the fundraiser.

Offer ticket purchases to non-participating employees to help meet your fundraising goal, too. Possible raffle items: Paid time off; Take a long lunch with a work buddy; Gift cards; Lunch with a senior staff member; celebratory cake – whatever you’d like!

Gift Matching – Studies show that people are more likely to make a donation when they know it will be matched. Consider asking your company to match all donations made toward your Sponsored Slim campaign.

Milestone Bonus – Choose a weight loss milestone (ex: 5lbs lost) and once a participant has reached this set marker they’ll receive additional benefits for participating. If you’ve thrown in a prize to increase participation, maybe that’s extra raffles tickets or consider an extra 30 minutes added on to their lunch break to fit in a quick gym session!