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Sigma Nu fraternity has long stood out for its exceptional dedication to philanthropy. Founded on the principles of love, honor and truth more than a century ago, Sigma Nu is committed to making a positive impact on society. With a strong emphasis on brotherhood and service, its members have continuously sought ways to give back to their communities — with a soft spot for children.

In the U.S.:
Child abuse is reported every 15 seconds.
Six children die each day as a result of abuse.
More than 7 million referrals are made to CPS every year.

Sigma Nu, in partnership with Childhelp, is dedicated to decreasing — and ultimately eliminating — these sobering statistics. The Zeta Upsilon Chapter at Arizona State University has rallied in support of Childhelp, dedicating countless hours and resources to fundraising initiatives, and donating more than 1 million dollars over three decades.

From hosting charity events and fundraisers to organizing awareness campaigns and community outreach programs, Zeta Upsilon spared no effort in its quest to save the lives of children in need.

What sets the ASU chapter apart is not just the amount of money raised, but the spirit of compassion and camaraderie that underpins their efforts. United by a shared sense of purpose, fraternity members have demonstrated the power of solidarity and collective action in driving meaningful change.

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