Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe for Educators

Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe is a school-based child abuse prevention education program that focuses on child safety and child abuse prevention. The overall approach to Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe™ is ecological; the program provides materials to engage parents and caregivers, teachers and school administrators, and community stakeholders in an effort to prevent child abuse. In addition to increasing knowledge of abusive behaviors and resistance skill building, there is a focus on creating a responsive safety network with peers, teachers, parents/caregivers, and other adults that the child identifies as safe. Children are provided with take-away items that are used to engage their parents or caretakers and reinforce important concepts including the five safety rules. Information and reinforcement activities are available to parents and teachers online.

The program also promotes the development of working alliances with the broader community including law enforcement, child welfare, and child advocacy groups. Auxiliary information encourages community capacity-building around the issue of child abuse prevention. Delivery is enhanced through practical guidance for facilitators and encouragement to participate in online training and communities of practice. Sensitivity and best practices in handling children’s disclosures of abuse are also addressed for facilitators, parents, and teachers.

Clear evaluation standards are incorporated into the program’s design to provide further reinforcement of the program goal and a formal mechanism of feedback to inform program revisions and additions, and to build the program’s evidence-based approach.

Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe for Educators is delivered through an online virtual campus called the Childhelp Online School of Prevention Education. The virtual campus is an interactive community where you can learn more about Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe, chat with educators and advocates across the country, and find helpful information and resources to keep children safe. Once you have purchased the curriculum, the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe School of Prevention Education becomes your online virtual resource center where you may access all the tools needed to help you successfully implement the program in your community.