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The Village Academy of Childhelp Non-Public School located at the Alice C. Tyler Village of Childhelp is a private school setting that provides educational services to children in K-8th grades. The philosophy of the Village Academy is based on the concept that all children can make academic, behavioral, and social gains when appropriate educational experiences are provided. A range of service experiences are provided that lead to the development of skills necessary for the successful participation in a public school system. The Village Academy is the first academic step for children admitted into the Childhelp program with the primary goal being the successful integration by children into the public school setting.

Information Regarding Campus

Students admitted to the day school program shall have a current IEP. The Education Director and Leadership Team will make decision regarding admissions of students into Day School Program.

Types of documentations to be reviewed:

  • Current educational testing
  • Classroom observations
  • Current eligibility notes
  • Psychological evaluation

Once a review has been completed, the county representative will be contacted with an approval or denial, and an admission application will be distributed to the parent/guardian as needed.

Village Academy Staff

The Village Academy of Childhelp Non-Public School is fully staffed with more than highly qualified teachers, administrators and other professionals and paraprofessionals. Each of our classrooms is taught by a fully credentialed teacher. Many have additional credentials including mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and autism specialization. Each classroom maintains a 1:3 ratio to maintain our student to teacher ratio and ensure that every student can be effectively supervised and supported, allowing all students to be successful.

Teachers (Click to open current list of teachers)

Tanya Handkins – Teacher Classroom 1

Sarah Coddington – Teacher Classroom 2

Rita Martinez – Teacher Classroom 3

MaryKate Correll – Teacher Classroom 4

Forrest Ferris – Teacher Classroom 7

Gil Lane – Teacher Classroom 8

Instructional Aides (Click to open current list of aides)

Lindsey Peregoy – Instructional Aide

Carter Esry – Instructional Aide

Carolyn Washington – Instructional Aide

Teneshia West – Instructional Aide

Angela Gibson – Instructional Aide

Charley Starkie – Instructional Aide

William Radar – Instructional Aide

Gail Coley – Instructional Aide

Cathy Moody – Instructional Aide

Pamela Washington – Instructional Aide

Gigi Vargas – Instructional Aide

Daniel McGillivray – Instructional Aide

School Staff (Click to open current list of school staff members)

Thomas BrownAOD

Nina MeyersMain Office

Jennifer JenkinsLibrarian

Penny Miam-BoleyReading

David HenryNature

Calendar & Bell Schedule

One of the most critical elements of successful behavioral management is structure. At Childhelp Non-Public Schools, all students spend their day assigned to a single classroom unless designated otherwise in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Within the classrooms, specific times are listed for each subject and activity to help the students remain on task and prepared for what’s coming next.

School is scheduled from 7:50 AM until 2:30  PM, Monday through Friday, throughout the school year. Whenever possible, minimum/in-service days are scheduled to coincide with existing holidays to maximize the amount of time children spend in the classroom. The school calendar is created at the beginning of the year and coincides as much as possible with the Culpeper County School District elementary school calendar. The new school calendar, as well as a bell schedule that defines the minimum days, will be released before the beginning of each school year.