The dedicated staff at the Alice C. Tyler Village of Childhelp are committed to ensuring that the Childhelp mission and philosophy are at the heart of every day’s work with our children. Without their patience, passion, perseverance and determination, none of this would be possible.

Village Leadership

Dr. Chester grew up in Chicago, and attended Boston University School of Medicine, where he was awarded Summa cum Laude. Moving to New Orleans for Internship and further medical specialization, he trained in Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and Medical Psychoanalysis at Tulane University School of Medicine.

Board Certified in Psychiatry, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, he has practiced and taught Psychoanalysis and has lectured on subjects within Adult & Child Psychiatry and public health. With over 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Chester has held such titles as a Consulting Psychiatrist, Medical Director, and Clinical Director in several hospitals; including Children’s Hospital of New Orleans,
DePaul Hospital, Coliseum Medical Center, River Oaks Hospital, and Acadian Oaks Hospital. He has been a consultant at the New Orleans
Adolescent Hospital, Lutheran Social Services of the South, Methodist Home for Children, and Bethlehem Children’s Residential Treatment Center. He has also consulted formally on behalf of New Orleans and
St. Tammany public schools, juvenile justice/courts, and juvenile forensic centers in Louisiana.

In 2005, Dr. Chester re-located to Virginia, and has spent the last 15 years as the Chief Child Psychiatrist and Director of Psychiatric Services for Horizon Behavioral Health, while operating his own private practice. He has also been a Child Psychiatric Consultant in Virginia for the Ragged Mountain Home, The Hughes Center, Region 10 CSB, and the Blue Ridge Medical Center.

Over the years Dr. Chester dedicated his time to organizations that furthered his work with children on many levels. He worked in Central America as a paramedic, he studied comparative culture and Family and Geriatric Medicine abroad in Europe, completed volunteer work in lead poisoning assessments, and in psychiatric hospitals. He was
most recently named Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the Alice C. Tyler Village of Childhelp, located in Culpeper County, Virginia.

Ayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Ayla graduated from Liberty University with the Masters of Arts in Clinical Counseling. Ayla has been a direct care worker and Residential Program Manager for Childhelp. Ayla also has experience in community based and school based clinical services. Ayla is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has spoken about child abuse on Telemundo and Univsion. Ayla is also certified lifeguard.

Clinical Staff

Sherice is a Resident in Counseling under the supervision of Larry J Colby (0701007075). Sherice graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School with a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling. Her internships consisted of working with children at risk in alternative schools and in the hospital setting.

Barry is a Licensed Professional Counselor certified in equine therapy and trained in adventure therapy. Barry completed his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Regent University, and became licensed in 2016. Barry is a retired firefighter and paramedic. Barry has experience in outpatient, community based, residential and emergency / crisis services. He has researched the neurological and psychophysiological aspects of trauma and stress, and how resiliency supports long term recovery. He is also certified in biofeedback therapy. Barry brings a trauma informed approach to equine therapy, using both ground and riding techniques developed from Natural Lifemanship.

Amber is a Supervisee in Social Work under the supervision of Amy Columbus (0904007828). Amber graduated from Simmons College with an MSW in social work. Amber has experience working in community based services, outpatient counseling, and as a case manager.

Carolyn is a Resident in Counseling under the Supervision of Larry J. Colby, LPC (0701007075). Carolyn graduated from Longwood University with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Carolyn has a long history of working for Region Ten CSB in both direct care and clinical roles.

Elaine is a Supervisee in Social Work under the supervision of Amy Columbus 0904007828). Elaine graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with her MSW in clinical social work. Elaine completed an internship at Childhelp as well as district 9 probation and parole unit. Elaine is a certified lifeguard and a black belt in Taekwondo.

Our Facility Accreditation & Licensure

The Alice C. Tyler Village accreditation is official recognition that our organization is guided by internationally recognized service standards and best practices. Accreditation consists of ongoing consultation and in-depth on-site reviews to help our organization achieve the highest quality of care for our customers and demonstrates that our organization has opened its service delivery and business processes to outside scrutiny to improve the quality of our programs for our children. It is a public statement that Childhelp strives to ensure that our services are of the highest possible quality.