Accountability & Transparency

$1 Dollar Breakdown: From your hand to their hearts

At Childhelp, our financial overhead is low, particularly when compared with other direct human service organizations. We do all that we can to ensure the money goes directly to helping children of abuse and neglect.

For each dollar expended, 85 cents is invested into serving the children in need of our program services using 9 cents for administration and 6 cents for fundraising.

Budget & Revenue: Shepherding your philanthropic vision

At Childhelp, we track all donor designations or instructions regarding how gifts are to be used. For larger gifts, we can provide a project budget outlining how funds will be spent for a particular project, and an annual report summarizing both program and financial results.

Facts & Financials: Quantifying healing and hope

Childhelp is audited each year by independent Certified Public Accountants in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. In accordance with our commitment to transparency complete audited financial statements are available on our website.

Childhelp is organized as a nonprofit corporation operating under section 501(c)(3); therefore, Childhelp is exempt from federal and state income taxes; however to the extent Childhelp incurs unrelated business income this form of income would be taxable to Childhelp.

Contributions to Childhelp are deductible by the donor in accordance with section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Childhelp Inc.’s Federal Taxpayer I.D. Number is 95-2884608.

Childhelp is committed to the ethical stewardship of all resources entrusted to the mission.

Childhelp’s Audit Reports, IRS Form 990, and Donor Reports can be found below.

2020 Financial Information – Childhelp Fiscal Year Ending
2019 Financial Information – Childhelp Fiscal Year Ending
2018 Financial Information – Childhelp Fiscal Year Ending
2017 Financial Information – Childhelp Fiscal Year Ending
2016 Financial Information – Childhelp Fiscal Year Ending