Ways To Give

Ways You Can Give To A Child In Need


Childhelp is primarily funded by donations and sponsorships from people like you. We need your support to empower brave survivors of child abuse to heal and begin to dream the dreams of a beautiful life they never thought possible…a dream every child deserves. Join us as we Dream a Dream for children and meet the challenges together to intervene, treat and prevent child abuse.

Thank you in advance for ensuring we’re able to be there for the children who need it most.

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Monthly sustaining gifts are the easiest way to help children all year long. Sustained giving builds a firm and stable foundation of financial support for Childhelp programs and services all year long.

This type of donation allows for you to give at levels and in ways that are comfortable for your budget. And as Childhelp is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your gifts are tax-deductible. You choose how much you want to donate monthly and we’ll automatically deduct your gift each month.

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Creating a will is one of the most impactful ways to support the people and causes you love. We’ve partnered with FreeWill to give you a free and easy way to write your legally valid will today. Many people also like to include a gift to Childhelp to support the treatment and healing of abused and neglected children for decades to come.

The service is free whether or not you choose to leave a gift (it’s also free to make changes at any time) and you can use the tools to start your will and document your wishes before visiting an attorney.

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Individuals age 70½ and older can distribute up to $100,000 each year from their IRAs to Childhelp without counting the distribution as income.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), also known as IRA Charitable Rollovers, are the savviest way for individuals age 70.5 or older to use their IRAs to maximize their charitable impact.

Whether you want to make a QCD gift to Childhelp today, request a tax acknowledgement letter for a gift already made, or just learn more about QCDs, you can find resources for each below.

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Donate stock directly to Childhelp for tax benefits and higher charitable impact, quickly and easily.

If you donate appreciated stock directly to charity, you do not incur capital gains tax. And when you give a gift of appreciated stock, it’s both fully tax deductible and over 20% more valuable than if you’d sold it and then donated the after-tax earnings. It’s a no-brainer, win-win way to support the causes you care about.

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The program uses an ecological approach to prevention education by providing materials to engage parents and caregivers, teachers, school administrators, and community stakeholders. It is research-based, evidence informed and developmentally appropriate curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. We provide educators with proven training and tools to address and prevent potential issues with various forms of abuse within your schools.

In addition to increasing children’s ability to recognize unsafe situations or abusive behaviors and building resistance skills, lessons focus on helping children build a responsive safety network with peers and adults that the child identifies as safe.

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For nearly 60 years our corporate sponsors have been key stakeholders, bringing our bottom line of love to fruition and we are privileged to work with these foundations, financial institutions and brands who share our passion and vision. Our partners are true allies who share their expertise, compassion and solutions to end the vicious cycle of child abuse. Together, we can educate, advocate and prevent the five deaths that happen daily due to child abuse.

Through the joining of forces between for-profit and non-profit organizations we find power to positively impact society. Childhelp welcomes opportunities to create innovative, mutually beneficial campaigns to serve a variety of purposes. We offer our partners several social marketing options that have proven successful for many companies, and encourage collaborations that combine thoughtful outreach efforts with meaningful business practices.

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