Year End Giving

Help us shepherd more children to safety.

There are millions of children abused and neglected across America each year. That means the personal commitment, love, compassion and care from our supporters has never been more important for boys and girls who may have no other advocates. Returning a child to health and safety means they have the opportunity to reach their highest potential in life.

  • A reason to give…
    No other organization in America combines comprehensive efforts to ending child abuse and neglect under one roof. Childhelp is the oldest and largest nonprofit addressing these issues.

Since our founding in 1959, we have positively impacted over 11 million children experiencing child abuse and neglect. With our unique focus on prevention, intervention and treatment programs, we have helped millions, one child at a time. Children are counting on us to not turn our backs on them – it takes all of us working together. When issues such as neglect and bulling continue to persist, if we want to stop the war on children, it’s not enough to agree that child abuse is wrong. We need people caring and taking action day after day, month after month, year after year.

Thank you for continuing to support Childhelp’s lifesaving work throughout the United States and beyond. Your tax-deductible contribution WILL make a difference.