Gifts Ungiven

Dec 19th, 2019

Such are the gifts children get from those who love them. Not the things that come in a box, but the gifts of wonder and discovery, of magic and mystery.

By Leslie Holmes, Foster Care Family Recruiter Avery and Jackson (front and left) with their new family Sometimes in this field of work, you fret. After all, these are little…

Executive Director Chris Ruble found something especially touching about the note he was to deliver, something that sheds a powerful light on the work Childhelp does.

Thanks for Giving

Nov 14th, 2019

This Thanksgiving, Childhelp recognizes how important gratitude is to our mission. We appreciate much, including the chance to serve as a community devoted to healing. Still, gratitude is about more than Thanksgiving well-wishes, “thank you” notes and one-off words of appreciation. The work of Childhelp shows that Thanksgiving is an abiding spirit that connects people to something greater than themselves. Gratitude is a gift that heals.

A big part of Childhelp’s effort to prevent abuse and help survivors heal is encouraging survivors of abuse to seek help. To that end, the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe prevention education curriculum brings simple safety rules into classrooms across America and beyond. But the rules don’t only apply to children. Adult abuse survivors can take cues from the same safety rules we teach our children as they continue to heal and reach out for help.