“That’s my reward – to see someone’s success. To see them succeed.”

“We listen to people on the worst day of their life. Every call is different. Each call requires everything I have to give to them because I know the call was not easy to make. I try to be a normal person on the phone; to relate and empathize. I ask myself, ‘Who would I want on the other end of the phone if I was the one making the call?'”

“I have so much hope for every child and family that walks through our doors and I am excited to see that each person can overcome despite an enormous weight of adversity.  It’s amazing to see the positive effects that people have in their lives and that payoff is priceless.”

When it comes to making a difference, folks from the Greater Washington Area do exactly that. Last year, friends, families, and amazing sponsors in the Greater Washington Area raised $15,000 in support of the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village!

Earlier this week we met Liz, a hotline counselor. Today we talk to digital marketing specialist, Catherine, who has been with Childhelp for a year and a half. She found the organization online and was in tears as she looked at the stats about child abuse. She kept thinking that many of these children were the same age as her granddaughter.